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Seeking for a self storage units Dubai? Look no further than EFE Self storage service. With our commitment to excellence, safety, and reliability we are providing cheap storage units for homes, offices, and villa movers. Our storage space for rent in Dubai is the most secure and reliable option with our decades of experience in the market. We believe in providing a complete package to the people.

 Our self storage units Dubai are an extension of our movers and packers services. With our modern, safety tools in our storage units and unparalleled customer support, we are helping the people of Dubai with their storage needs.efe

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What We Offer as Self Storage Dubai:

What We Offer as Self Storage Dubai:

We offer our self storage units Dubai for furniture or other items storage. You can book our storage units to store your goods on any nature in our air-conditioned, locked rooms with proper safety features and no access to outsiders.

Residential Storage Dubai:

We offer our residential storage units to store your villa or apartment furniture, boxes, machinery, paintings, musical instruments, and any items with proper precautions to avoid any harm to the items in the short or long term.

Office Storage Dubai:

We offer our self storage units to you for your office furniture such as chairs, tables, machines, servers, files, and boxes of confidential papers or anything with no access to anyone from outside for short or long terms.

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Self Storage Dubai Plans:

Our self storage units are available to you for your personal, residential, or office storage. The plans we offer at EFE Movers Packers are: 

Self Storage Dubai Plans:

If you are among those who want to renovate your villa / apartment or office and need extra space for a short time. EFE short-term storage plans are for you. We offer short-term plans for days and weeks if you need our storage services for a short period.

Long Term Storage Dubai:

If you are among those who are moving abroad or on vacation and want storage units for your office and residential items for a long time. Then EFE long-term storage plans are for you. We offer long-term storage plans for months and years if you need our self storage services for a relatively longer period.

Qualities of Our Self storage units Dubai:

Fire Safety:

Our self storage units are fireproof. In case of fire eruption, they are equipped with the necessary safety tools that nip the fire in its earliest stage and provide safety to your items. 

Pest Control:

Our self storage units go through proper cleaning, sanitization, and disinfectants to avoid any harm to your items during their stay at our storage units.

Packing Items:

Apart from storage unit services in Dubai, we offer quality packing materials such as boxes, packing papers, sheets, and box tapes to fully secure the luggage before storage.

24/7 Accessibility:

One of the key benefits you will get will EFE is we are available anytime of the day or night, no matter what the time. All you have to do is contact us and get our storage units in no time.

CCTV Cameras and Lockable:

We provide full security to your items with the latest security features such as lockable units, CCTV cameras, and intelligent lock systems to our storage units Dubai. Air-conditioned Store Dubai:

You can pay via card or online bank transaction. We are the best self storage Dubai for you to fulfill your storage needs.

How Our Storage units Dubai Work?

  • On your call, our trucks with drivers will come to your doorstep, and our skilled movers pick up your home or office furniture, boxes, musical instruments, and any other item from your place and transport them to our storage units.
  • In our storage units Dubai, our professional packers will take the necessary actions to secure your items and pack them if they need, any. After that, we will store them in our storage units Dubai till the date, you need them back.
  • Once you need your goods back, our movers will load them in our trucks from our storage units Dubai and then bring them back to the location, either the last location or a new one,  wherever you need them.

Our packing, pick-up, and delivery services are optional and we charge separately for these services. Please, get details while booking our self storage services.

EFE Packers Movers is the most reliable and convenient self storage service provider company in Dubai. You can rely on us if you need storage space for the short or long term.

• Pre-Moving Meetings:

Key Benefits of Our Private Storage Unit:


Safety and security is the key benefit of our storage unit in Dubai. With our top-notch safety tools, we ensure the safety of your belongings and items

Market Competitive Prices:

We ensure affordable prices for our short or long-term plans whether you book our services for residential or office items.

No Long-Term Commitments:

We offer no long-term commitments to our clients. You can take your items with you any time whenever you need them. Contact our customer service team pay the amount and bring them to your home or office Movers Dubai.


We don’t only store your stuff but also provide transportation facilities for you and your luggage. Moreover, we have handymen to help you with your move.

Let us take the hassle of the safety and security of your goods and renovate your home or office with the satisfaction that your items are in safe hands. Book our self storage units for long or short period, now!

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